A Healthy Ego

We have always had trouble with our ego as humans.  Throughout history and our lives we encounter cases of the ego going awry and people suffering.  Developing a healthy ego is one of the most difficult tasks facing us in this work.  Understand that the ego and emotions can be a powerful positive force in our lives.  It is possible to naturally develop through the opening process an innate control over the ego.  The counter to an out of control ego is humiliation and from that humility.  Humility is an incredibly deep value, when you experience this state hold onto it.  Tapping into this value provides a grounding for you.  Humility keeps your ego measured.  It provides you with compassion for everyone.  Anyone can make a mistake.  Focussing on a person's mistake in that single moment of time, a person can appear incompetent.  Humility, accepting that you are human, and prone to mistakes is a vital step in the process of fully opening.  Its one thing to study humiliation, quite another to experience the gut wrenching emotion in all of the power of humiliation.  Understanding humiliation, one becomes full of humility.  Humiliation is the most powerful teacher.  As you do this work, you will naturally come across humility.  It doesn't take much of a lesson to feel it, if you are truly open.