Finding beauty

Beauty is just a word, it can not adequately describe what can only be experienced.  When I think of this word beauty, tears of joy come to my eyes.  My heart lurches and light floods my mind's eye.  I have felt this feeling before; I have felt it enough that just thinking about it can allow the emotions to come forth.  When I feel the emotions completely, they are overwhelming.  In these moments, I understand that I am that, I am beauty.  I am that feeling right now, in this moment.  This feeling is boundless; it extends to everything within my gaze whether in front of my eyes or in my mind.  

This kind of beauty fills you without limits.  Mixed in with beauty is compassion and love.  These are elements of beauty.  Beauty allows you to treat all with compassion, love, and respect.  It allows me to embrace all religions, all efforts in self improvement and self inquiry, and all philosophies.  The words respect, love, harmony, compassion, beauty, freedom, equality, fairplay describe feelings that are important to our well being.   Think about the depth of these words, the feelings behind these words.  Know that our well being is defined by our having these particular feelings.  Through evolution these feelings have proven to be the most successful for the human species in moving us forward on an evolutionary path.  We are the result of 4000 million years of evolution.  The human species has been present for ten of thousands of years.  Here we are, born with these values.  These values have been proven as winners.  Our world and society has changed rapidly, yet these values remain from thousands of years of evolution.   We admire others who cherish these values as much as life itself.  Why wouldn't we aim for these?  Why wouldn't we allow these feelings which bring us so much joy to govern how we live? 

Beauty can also be understood as being about the connection between two people.  Beauty is a judgement, its the highest judgement we can bestow on another.  We see the beauty in each other and in ourselves.  When we feel it within ourselves we think of ourselves in the most favorable light.  Think about the light.  Think about light in your mind with respect to beauty.  This association with light is compelling; its what we see in our mind as the emotions flood in.  Beauty is openness at its best.  Its me at my best with respect to the world.  Beauty is my favorite emotion.  And thus, I aim for that.