What to expect

This process takes time.  How much time whether a blink of an eye or never will depend upon you and the path your life takes.  There will be immediate rewards.  There will be ups and downs.  It will feel like an emotional roller coaster.  Some days you won't feel that you've changed at all.  Other days you will ask yourself with a smile, "Did I say that?".  You may spend days or weeks feeling like you're not making any progress and then one day breakthrough.  The beginning is the hardest.  You can't see any long term benefit and your working very hard.  In the near term if you're talking to someone regularly you will be easing your overall stress and life will be better.  Straightening your personality out to align with your values takes a long time.  Its worth it though.  You will feel better than you ever have before.  Persistence and intent are of great importance.  Keep doing it.  Remember the word "open" is the best word to describe what you're trying to do.