Wisdom generally is acquired through years of experience in a particular field.  Wisdom as it is discussed here pertains to the art of living an emotionally healthy fulfilling life. 

Wisdom is the result of experiencing direct exposure to the beauty of your inner values, the light within, and allowing the light to infuse all aspects of your life.  The more exposure you experience, the wiser you shall be, the healthier you shall be. Many people are able to improve their health by opening up, whether to themselves through meditation, to their loved ones and friends, to therapists and guides, and even through mental exercises.  Some are even able to have experiences where they "see the light", that is reach such a deep emotional level that they feel as if they are experiencing the sensation of light.  This can vary from a sense that a wisp of light is there, to a tiny pinhole of light, to flooding through your entire body, through all parts of you.  Each person's experience is unique, yet every experience can not only be appreciated for its beauty but be judged in relation to other experiences.  Good judgement is the hallmark of wisdom. 

Wisdom itself is a matter of perspective as there are thresholds of understanding for good emotional health which are outlined below.

Thresholds of understanding

1. Simple rule based systems

     Ie. The Ten Commandments (Self Care)

     Ie. The Four Agreements (Self Care)

2. Simple philosophical systems

     Ie. Do not unto others as you would have done to yourself. (Self Care)

3. Basic Therapeutic Intervention

     Basic healing - safe place for self discovery - therapist as wise guide (Cared for)

     Basic tools - Therapy - Lana listening - Mind Body Medicine (Cared for)

4. Experiential Work with inner values, the light within.

     Seeing the light as a compartmentalized experience. (Cared for/ self care)

     Utilizing light in the transformation of emotional content in a compartmentalized experience (Cared for / self care)

5. Developing vertically and horizontally. (self care)

     Vertical Development:

          Definition: Having a framework of understanding of your mental structure from top

                            to bottom.

          Framework:  Predominant structure is emotional, other places include peace and

                            randomness. Simplest understanding consists of beauty at top and

                            uglyness at the bottom, with the caveat that the perspective of beauty

                            and uglyness varies with your level of understanding. Highest

                            understanding, euphoria, your natural judgement of perfection recognizes

                            achievement across multiple emotionally levels of depth.  Basic

                            understanding of awareness and understanding of states of mind as

                            points of focus and the natural dualistic judgement that exists at each

                            emotional level that upon closer inspection is not merely black and white

                            but infinite shades of gray.  From negativity to positivity.


     Horizontal development or expansion:

                            Spreading the light from its occurrence in a single place at a single time to more

                            places and for longer times.  The inner beauty spreads throughout your persepective

                            and personality.

6. The final piece:

                            Refinement of breadth of experience into euphoria, as an experience

                            and understanding. Beauty across multiple emotional levels of depth and infused in

                            personality. Crossing over into the sunshine. (Self care)

This paradigm of vertical vs. horizontal or expansion allows for an understanding of how one is growing.  Vertical development is the most difficult as with some success the tendency is to stop. This provides for an understanding of how the experience may be expanded, internally, and externally.  With a broadening of the experiece come a deeper transformation internally and externally. The experience must be broadened internally to concurrently develop greater internal understanding of your emotional structure and resolve unnecessary suffering.    Exposure to your values can resolve past emotional trauma from prior to when you could even speak.  This is the beauty of this work, finding and utilizing the healing power within you!  It is not enough to discover this, to have an experience that feels religious, spiritual, or have the sensation of light.  Many individuals do this and then repeat that experience over and over the rest of their life.  This provides temporary relief from their emotionally tangled lives.  The experience must be broadened from its first occurence to more frequency and more challenging environments, until openness is able to be maintained in virtually any circumstance. It is not enough to be able to have experiences in a room by yourself or with a group of similarly minded individuals.   There is no wisdom in that. 

Wisdom is letting beauty spread throughout your life, through your words, such that you no longer think about doing the right thing, you do the right thing.  that individuals often maintain a duality between whatever practice led to their understanding, their seeing the light, and the rest of their lives.  Some individuals are able to have incredible experiences through meditation, may even write books about their experiences, but have no perspective

Wisdom goes hand in hand with healthiness particularly as applied to one's emotional health. There is a clear connection between emotional and physical health that one can experience directly as a result of opening up which is also well substantiated in literature.  When we open up and untangle our emotional knots there is a corresponding beneficial physical relaxation of our body in various areas, around old injuries, in the neck, back, chest, and pelvis area.  Remarkably physical relaxation can occur without any physical effort.  You have a model of your body in your mind, if your mind is truly relaxed, then this model will be relaxed as well and your body shall follow. The focus developed during the deep inward exploration of the mind can be brought to bear upon the exquisite detail of specific areas of your body allowing unlocking of physical tension that was previously unbeknownst to you.  It is easier once you know what is possible.

Wisdom is not just experiencing "the light", or encountering the process of opening up and transforming your mental and physical health.  Wisdom is recognizing the value of the process and incorporating it in your life.  "Open" is the word that most easily defines this process.  Open up that which is difficult inside of you and transform it!    In doing so your understanding shall grow until you know what you already intuitively understand.  There is structure to what you feel.   You have a conscience and more.  There is an entire hierarchy of values/feelings from humiliation, humility, to pain, beauty.  Each value/feeling is at a different level of emotional depth, but on that level it may vary from positive to negative, the obvious example of this is the deep emotional level of love and hate.  Each feeling, is internally valued based upon its emotional depth and level of positiveness,  all encompassing beauty at the top and personal humiliation at the bottom.  Greater still are positive feelings across multiple levels, euphoria.  In comparison, beauty becomes a mere wonderful place.  Nothing beats a healthy mind.  Living right in the world.  Beauty is the place to exercise if you have little of it.  Strengthen your sense of beauty.  Finding beauty is merely the beginning; when beauty is spread across your life, euphoria prevails. 

Another place is peace, a place completely apart from this emotional structure, peace.

A more elusive place is the origin of randomness within, pulsating, the start of new ideas, new thoughts, hard to find, but interesting to experience!  

Finally, understand it is not merely your ability to go to these places that defines you.  It is the ability to move quickly between them with ease and grace with varying degrees of positivity or negativity such that you are able to transition seamlessly as conditons change. Embrace life, please.

All sensations from the external world are colored with emotional content, that is your mind attachs emotions to sensory input as you perceive it.  This emotional content which is viewed as a quality of the sensation can be detached and transformed instantaneously by opening up to it and allowing it to be positively transformed.  As your abilities widen, you will encounter the visceral nature of empathy in between the emotional content and the corresponding transformation into a compassionate response.  Empathy is stomach turning.  Compassion is endless.   The best meditators are able to choose their state of mind or allow their natural state to surface at will.  However, having a high degree of skill in meditation does not directly equate to healthiness.  Healthy is letting all aspects of yourself diffuse through you and your life, including ego.  A healthy ego is the hardest to achieve and many meditators disavow an ego, egotistically holding on to that disavowal.   Whatever is within needs to be nurtured, sculpted, whether a "negative" response or a "positive" response, all responses should be tailored to the situation.  When we judge ourselves as operating at our best our body rewards us with a feeling of euphoria, reward across multiple levels of emotional depth.  This is the best of living, not merely the exercise of bringing your attention to the state of bliss within.