Working by yourself

In Getting Started I emphasized working with others to open up.  As you develop, you can do this on your own.  Let me show you.  I want to take a minute to open now with you. I put myself in a comfortable position on the floor. You may use a pillow or two if you like. I can either lay flat on my back with my hands by my sides and my feet shoulder width apart or place the soles of my feet together and allow a stretch. I take a deep breath and let it out. As I do so I feel some of the tension in my shoulders and back release with the out breath. I close my eyes and relax my face. I focus on my breathing and how it affects my body. Do I feel tightness anywhere? As I feel my body relax I also feel some physical tension that I associate with emotional tension. I feel it in my chest. I focus on it and imagine it as a form of energy and it moving into my consciousness. As I focus on it my body tightens unknowingly, at some point I notice this and relax letting my breath out and as I do I feel a rush of motion as the emotions move from my chest into my consciousness. The physical pain in my chest has subsided. I feel more relaxed and open. I remain calm and wait. Its as if my mind is an empty canvas, emotions seep through the canvas and I open my mind up to them. Often the visualization is that there is a constriction, the constriction is the physical tension holding back all these emotions in my body. When I release, its as if there is a pipe or valve through the physical constriction and I can open up the valve only so far. Initially I could only open up for just a moment and a flash of emotion would surge into my mind. It would feel like I was electrocuted in my consciousness. The first time I did this it took a couple weeks to recover. It is a process that will astonish you. It is not something that you can believe in until it actually occurs. The understanding that you will acquire can be described as I have done on this site, but it another thing to experience it.    With love, Greg