Getting unstuck

Once you start doing deep opening, you become aware of the emotions within yourself.  You become aware of the emotional obstructions that you'd like to work on.  Sometimes you can work on them and sometimes you get stuck.  Its all in your head, but it feels like the emotional obstruction is somewhere else.   You're trying to look at it but you can't.  You can see it, but you can't go into it.  Emotional obstructions feel like they have shape, but you can't look inside it. You can't seem to move in your thoughts, in your mind.   You can't move towards what's bothering you and you can't move it towards you.  You are stuck.  There is an easy way.  Its a bit of a trick.  Your stuck thinking, "I can't accept that I can't look at it."  Think about that.  Think about that feeling.  That's frustrating.   Your not moving, your stuck in that frustrating feeling, and your at an impasse.  You are stuck. If you simply admit that your stuck, then you'll become unstuck.  Look at the emotional obstruction in your mind and tell yourself, "I can't penetrate it now."    Accept that you can't and acknowledge it.  Feel it.  As soon as you do, you will be opening.    Once you start opening up just a little you'll continue to open right through whatever was stuck.  

Again, when your stuck you are thinking, "I can't accept that I can't look inside it."  Think about that.  Think about that feeling.  Accept that you can not.   If you accept that, then you move and you open.  When I do this, when I accept that I am stuck and I can't look at it, I open. There's a little bit of fear directly afterwards. I'm open and the fear is the feeling "Wow, there's nothing stopping me".    Jim Gordon's mind-body exercises help you get unstuck as well.  Love works best.