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The concept is simple.  Open up!   Virtually everyone understands the value of opening up, but few understand the depths to which one can take this simple concept.  The breadth and depth you look inside yourself will directly correspond to how bright you can shine in your life.  As you are reading this, you have an opportunity not just to change how you see the world. You have an opportunity to have a change of heart. There is not a list of rules to learn and follow, there’s no philosophical guidance here.  This is about changing who you are as a person. 

It took a lot of suffering before I was willing to give this stuff a try.  I sure as heck wouldn't listen to someone telling me to discover the light inside of me.  What?!  I would have said that's nonsense!  I've had a change of heart.  Somehow I got lucky. I met someone whose heart was so big, who was so kind, that I had to contemplate a different way.  Back then, I didn't know how to change who I was. 

I know better now.  I've grown to understand human nature such that I can help myself.  I have moments which are glorious now.  You know those moments, those dreamy slow motion moments you remember forever. Only now I've had so many I can't remember them all! There are countless ways to improve as a person, but if you understand human nature than you can, I'll just say it, have a better life than you ever thought possible.

Fundamental to our nature is our ability to "open up".  Opening up is a natural part of our development.  A child opens up to their mother about their day, friends open up to one another, partners share success and suffering, students open up to counselors, patients open up to pyschologists, religious followers open up to priests.  People even go on retreats and open up to themselves.  Its done every day by countless people successfully.  Opening up requires working with feelings, and emotions.  Its scary, but it can be beautiful too.  There's one big cautionary note here though.  When you open up, you must do it in a safe environment.

As you open up, you will increasingly understand that all emotions, from highest to lowest, are there to help us.  We naturally put emotions and feelings in a hierarchy with pride, euphoria, beauty, love, and compassion far higher in hierarchy then lower emotions such as anger, shame, and revulsion.  However, emotions such as anger might be of the highest value to you in a particular moment.  In the blink of an eye, a different one.  The challenge is opening up to achieve an underlying healthy perspective on life so that we naturally select the best emotion for the moment. 

When we react, its where we start in the hierarchy of emotions and the speed with which we move through emotions that is the measure of our hearts.  We are good hearted when most often we react positively and quickly move to higher states such as compassion, which is simply the application of love to the suffering of others. 

If you're interested in experiencing a better life, then set time aside to open up. Work at it. Change your mind.  Change your heart. Change your world.